Here's what enrolled students are saying

by Nick Nostbakken

Great start

by Nick Nostbakken

"Even though I had already studied Richard's previous videos quite extensively, the depth and clarity in these lectures really revealed the power of these methods. I just so happened to be stuck on a very spinny rotatey world space hell shot when I started watching and I attribute it's success very largely to having started this when I did. Very useful for learning how to get computer confusion out of your way and just make your character do what you want. 5/5 tiny heads."
by Eugene Flormata

Enlightening course every animator should take

by Eugene Flormata

"This course is like zbrush for an animators curve editor. sculpting the animation curves freely in specific spaces makes a lot more sense than how traditional rigs are made and used. I've been waiting for this course since I saw Richard Lico's videos on GDC for space switching on destiny. This course clears up a lot of questions I had at the time, but like any enlightening moment, it also ended up creating so many more questions with what doors are opened using this approach. Any animator wanting to create quality game animations is wasting their time not buying and mastering the methods taught in this course."
by Matthias Krammer

Leaving the cave

by Matthias Krammer

"Ever since I learned how to build Rigs, I had stopped working with the bones themselves and become very careful not to destroy any dependencies by making changes during animation, but the process got so much more more complicated... To see you work with bones and locators in their simplest form and achieving fantastic outcome with a few simple yet genius tricks makes me feel like leaving Plato's Cave for the first time. Also I like that the videos are short and entertaining. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!"
by Pierrick Picaut: CG Director at Atypique Studio - Blender Trainer

by Pierrick Picaut: CG Director at Atypique Studio - Blender Trainer

"Richard's course has been one of the most valuable course I've ever taken. While it's a Maya course, I was able to apply his concepts and techniques in Blender right away. The benefits on the time spent were incredible and more importantly, the quality of my animation has been immediately taken to a next level. Richard is a legendary animator and a very skilled instructor, with very well explained process and concepts via insightful and professionally edited videos. If you want to take your animation skills to the next level, it's a must have."

Checkout his incredible breakdown above. Also be sure to follow the progress of Noara being created by Pierrick and team at Atypique Studios!

See David Hunt, Lead Technical Artist @ Unity explain the need for this freeform, modular approach: 

David Hunt - GDC 2020

Awesome stuff! - By Ljiljana Antonovic

This is great stuff Richard! Some of this concept  blew me away... I was using locators sometimes when joint orient is not good but all this...WOOOOW... Thank you, Richard, for all the hard work you have put into this and for sharing it with us!

Core Fundamentals - By Satish Bharadwaj

Excellent. So far I have learnt a lot of things. Had idea about what Richard was doing. Now I have better understanding and where to apply. Each video is opening up on how to resolve complex situations.

Amazing course!! - By Ryan Barker

"I'm still fairly new to animation which can make parts of this course a little intimidating but Rick does an amazing job at breaking everything down and making it easy to digest."

The best courses I had so far - By Sebastien Ebzant-Ratynska

"Very well structured, very clear explanations. I love how Richard demystifies some technical aspect of CG animation. I recommend this to any animators and technical animators. I wish this workflow get adopted by many studios; game, animation or VFX"

Super cool stuff here! - By Zachary Mark

"I wouldn't be surprised if the techniques Mr. Lico describes here become the standard method for animators to work in the future.  This course is dense with technical ideas, but they're well worth putting in the effort to understand.  I'm looking forward to applying all of this in my own work.

A must for improvement seekers - By Juan Vilato

This techniques have finally helped me out with some problems that have been haunting me for years: Making the tip of the sword to describe a nice path, being able to re-arrange data so I can understand curves then avoiding information being split through different channels.

Most of this problems were making me spend more time counter animating than actually doing my job. Thanks for finally given me ways to solve them.

Lovely and very useful. - By Alexandre Vasilchenko

Aim space technique is extraordinary useful, didn't use it before, but definitely will. Very nice bonus with juggle technique using particle emitter. 

Still cant wait what would be next!